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Our fresh frozen cubes of spirulina are a superfood perfect to use as an ingredient in every recipe.

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  • Algae-based

  • Locally produced

  • Eco-friendly

  • Vegan

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In contrary with dried spirulina, fresh spirulina has no unpleasant taste or smell. It also contains more nutrients. Therefore, it is perfect to us in a big variety of dishes and recipes.


Más energía y resistencia para afrontar tus entrenamientos 💪

Alto contenido proteíco de origen vegetal 🌱

Funciones détox y prebiótico para mejorar tu sistema inmunitario 💜

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1 cube = all the nutrients you need in a day

One cube contains an entire day’s worth of nutrients and two cubes provide the same amount of protein as an entire chicken egg.

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Good for you, better for the planet

We want to create a way to help our precious planet by cultivating and selling spirulina. By growing and developing algae, we change the contemporary way of living and eating. We are trying to create a future where our consummating supports, rather than depletes, the planet we live on.

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